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2020 Summer Horse Camp for Children

Camp Includes

  • One and two-week sessions throughout the summer for children 8 to 15 years old
  • Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • A horse for each child to ride, care for and love the entire session
  • A counselor skilled in leadership and horsemanship to supervise and instruct
  • Special events such as: lunch rides, games on horseback, horse shows and drill teams

Camp Rates

  • 10-Day Camp: $1260.00
  • 5-Day Camp: $675.00

Required Equipment

  • Riding boots, not hiking boots, and long pants, which are always to be worn around the horses
  • Tennis shoes and shorts for vaulting
  • Daily sack lunch, extra water and sunscreen
  • ATSM/SEI-approved horseback riding helmet (the stables will provide one, if necessary)

Camp Experiences

Western A

1st year camp experience for children 8 – 14. Also suitable for 2nd year campers. A minimum of four riding lessons are required for first-time campers.

Campers Learn:

  • The horse-parts, colors, markings, breeds
  • Care of the horse-feeding, grooming, saddling, cleaning, and knot-tying
  • Western tack-its use, care and cleaning
  • Walk and trot with control and form
  • Introduction to the lope
  • Trail riding-rules and safety
  • Vaulting (simple gymnastics on the moving horse) to improve balance and rhythm in riding

Western B

2nd or 3rd year camp experience for children 9 – 14 who have attended at 2 weeks of Garrod Horse Camp session; or older children with significant riding expertise.

Campers Learn:

  • More extensive consideration of all of the subjects listed in the WESTERN A
  • Learning to lope
  • Equine first aid, diseases and common treatments
  • Instruction in horse breeds, breeding, and training
  • Feeds and feeding for particular needs
  • Use of obstacle courses and figure work

Western C

3rd year camp experience for children 10-15 who have attended at least 4 weeks of Garrod Horse Camp or older children with significant riding expertise.

Campers Learn:

  • Continued exploration and development of all subjects in WESTERN A and B
  • Lead changes
  • Collection
  • Practice Drill Team Work
  • Individual Stock Seat Pattern work
  • Continued Equitation Improvement

All English

English Riding Camp for campers 11 – 15 who have completed at least 4 weeks of Garrod Horse Camp; or campers who have completed 2 weeks of horse camp AND are currently taking English riding lessons, or with instructor approval.

Campers Learn:

  • All subjects in Western A, B, and C (except western riding)
  • “Balance Seat” equitation and beginning dressage
  • Basic caveletti work
  • Technical skills such as mane and tail braiding, leg wrapping, and bandaging
  • Horse exercise techniques
  • Riding patterns

Advanced Camp

Advanced Western Riding Camp for campers ages 11 – 15. Campers will concentrate on trail riding and arena patterns. Campers will perform Gymkhana-type maneuvers. Must be able to walk, trot, lope with control and form. Must have attended a minimum of 6 weeks of Garrod Farms Summer Day camps or have instructor approval.

Campers Learn:

  • Continue reviewing all subjects in Western A , B,  and C
  • Do Precision riding
  • Test skills with gymkhana courses and trail courses
  • Do advanced trail riding
  • Learn to control and rate the speed of a horse
  • Work with the horses’ individual needs
  • Explore English style riding

Counselor’s Assistant Trainee (C.A.T.)

Designed for older youth 14 years old or completed 7th grade that have completed a minimum of 6 weeks of Garrod Farms Summer Day-Camp sessions, this program allows youth to assist the counselor. C.A.Ts will help with saddling and grooming horses, lessons and trail rides, and care for a horse of their own for the duration of camp. Youth must be competent riders. Must have instructor and management approval.

There is mandatory 1-day training prior to Summer Camp for all C.A.Ts. This will be on Sunday June 7th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

C.A.T. Rates:

  • 10-Day C.A.T. Session: $650.00
  • 5-Day C.A.T. Session: $450.00