Image: Garrod Farms est. 1893

For Sale

hay for sale bay area

High-Quality Grass & Alfalfa Hay

Grown in the cool, clear high desert air at our Bird Flat Ranch near Susanville, California, this hay is of the finest quality. Tim Garrod and his son Luke have 30 years experience and are well-known for their high farming standards. We offer this to you at competitive prices and a willing smile.

  • Alfalfa Hay: $19.00 +tax / per bale
  • Grass Hay: $22.50 +tax /per bale
  • Hay is not for sale on Sundays

Bedding Supplies

  • Traditional Pine Shavings: $9.10 +tax / per 4 cu. ft. bale
  • Mini Flake (smaller, more absorbent:) $6.40 +tax / per bale


Free compost if you load it yourself or $10.00 per yard ($20.00 minimum) if we load it for you M-F only. Always call before coming to Garrod Farms for compost: (408) 867-9527.

Firewood For sale

Aged Oak 1 Pallet 1/4 of a cord $70.00 plus tax