Image: Garrod Farms est. 1893

Lesson Policies

horses in corral

Private Lessons

  1. Pay at time of booking
  2. Cancellation will be accepted with 24 hours notice
  3. Accepted cancellation will be credited to the next booked lesson

Group Lessons

  1. Payment must be made before or at beginning of new series
  2. When you have joined a group lesson, it’s your spot. To keep your spot secure, you must pre-pay for each lesson package.
  3. In a series of 4 lessons, there are no make ups. The 4 lessons must be taken in 4 consecutive weeks.
  4. In a series of 8 lessons , we allow 1 absence. You have 9 weeks to complete 8 lessons.
  5. Students will be informed when they owe for more lesson. Children don’t always remember to tell their parents, so it is the parent’s responsibility to check in at the office from time to time.