Image: Garrod Farms est. 1893



Garrod Farms is home to World and National Champion Vaulters and Vaulting Teams, and as a founding member of the AVA (American Vaulting Association.) Garrod Farms has been intimately involved with this sport from its inception in the United States.

MEVC Vault On! Flyer

What is Vaulting?

  • The art of gymnastics on horseback
  • A wonderful way to learn balance, rhythm, agility and confidence
  • Good preparation for riding

How Do I Start?

Recreation Trot Class:

To be announced!

  • For riders 7 years old and up
  • Class is 4 weeks each month
  • Can include up to 7 spaces

No Drop in Vaulting

To enroll in either class, come in or call Garrod Farms Stable Office at (408) 867-9527.

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