Image: Garrod Farms est. 1893


collage of 3 photos of costumed riders performing horse vaulting at Garrod Farms

Garrod Farms is home to World and National Champion Vaulters and Vaulting Teams, and as a founding member of the AVA (American Vaulting Association.) Garrod Farms has been intimately involved with this sport from its inception in the United States.

Open Vault Scheduling

What is Vaulting?

  • The art of gymnastics on horseback
  • A wonderful way to learn balance, rhythm, agility and confidence
  • Good preparation for riding

How Do I Start?

Recreation Trot Class:

To be announced!

  • For riders 7 years old and up
  • Class is 4 weeks each month
  • Can include up to 7 spaces

No Drop in Vaulting

To enroll in either class, come in or call Garrod Farms Stable Office at (408) 867-9527.