Day Camp 2022

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Day Camp Registration 2022

Camp #DateTypeStatus
1June 6 – June 10Pony Pals(5 days) FULL
2June 6 – June 10Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
3June 6 – June 17Pony Pals(10 days) Book
4June 6 – June 17Tails and Trails(10 days) FULL
5June 13 – June 17Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
6June 13 – June 24Rawhide Club(10 days) FULL
7June 20 – June 24Bridle Trekkers(5 days) FULL
8June 20 – June 24Pony Pals(5 days) FULL
9June 20 – July 1Tails and Trails(10 days) FULL
10June 27 – July 1Hunt Club(5 days) FULL
11June 27 – July 1Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
12June 27 – July 8Rawhide Club(10 days) Book
13July 4 – July 8*Pony Pals(5 days) FULL
14July 4 – July 8*Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
15July 4 – July 15*Rawhide Club(10 days) FULL
16July 11 – July 15Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
17July 11 – July 15Pony Pals(5 days) FULL
18July 11 – July 22Pony Pals(10 days) FULL
19July 18 – July 22Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
20July 18 – July 22Rawhide Club(5 days) FULL
21July 18 – July 29Hunt Club(10 days) FULL
22July 25 – July 29Pony Pals(5 days) FULL
23July 25 – July 29Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
24July 25 – Aug 5Pony Pals(10 days) FULL
25Aug 1 – Aug 5Rawhide Club(5 days) FULL
26Aug 1 – Aug 5Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
27Aug 1 – Aug 12Pony Pals(10 days) FULL
28Aug 8 – Aug 12Bridle Trekkers(5 days) FULL
29Aug 8 – Aug 12Tails and Trails(5 days) FULL
30Aug 8 – Aug 12Pony Pals(5 days) FULL

Family ownership & operation since 1893

Garrod Farms was established in 1893 with the purchase of 65 acres from the Mt. Eden Orchard and Vineyard Company.

Around 129+ years and 5 generations later, it continues to be a family agriculture operation today. Alongside the horse operation, we now have 28 acres of vineyards here on the property. We are also proud to say that we were one of the first wineries in the state of California to become Certified Sustainable in our farming practices.

“I’ve been going to Garrod Farms all my life. It’s a hidden gem in the Saratoga hills and one that has been a special part of my family for generations and will continue to do so.”

– Susan Bishop, Customer Since 1960 –