Horse Riding Lessons

All of our instructors are CHA certified, which means they are trained in both instruction techniques and safety management.

Our lessons are provided in both English and Western styles. We recommend that all students begin with Western style lessons; they may switch to English riding when the instructor deems them ready.

Reservations only!

All riders must be 8 years or older but for little riders aged 7 or under, 1/2 hour Pony Walks are available.

Group Lessons

Group Lessons for 8 years old and up include 50 minutes of instruction. 10 rider maximum per class by reservation only. Classes are available Monday through Thursday after school and all-day Saturday.

Group Lessons Under 8’s for 6 and 7 years old include 1hr long (30 min horsemanship/30 min ride)

Mondays at 5pm — Book Now

Tuesdays at 5pm — Book Now

Wednesdays at 5pm — Book Now

Saturdays at 12pm — Book Now

Saturday at 11am — Book Now

  • 4 weeks: $302

Tuesdays at 6pm — Book Now

Wednesdays at 10am — Book Now

Wednesdays at 6pm — Book Now

Fridays at 11AM — Book Now

  • 8 weeks: $518
  • 4 weeks: $302

Little Wranglers 6 – 7 years old

Tuesdays- 3pm Book Now


4 weeks: $302.00

English Group Lessons

Thursdays at 4pm — Book Now

Saturdays at 10am — Book Now

Wednesdays at 11am — Book Now

Thursdays at 6pm — Book Now

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are 30 minutes in length and are offered every day.

  • Private Lessons (1 person): $90.00

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons are 30 minutes in length and are offered every day.

  • Semi-Private Lessons (2 people): $170.00 or $85.00 per person.


Horse Management Program

  • For the young teenager that wants to learn everything about horses.
  • For someone that wants to become an accomplished horseback rider.
  • Will require up to 5 to 8 hours per week for training sessions which includes lessons, free riding grooming, saddling and cleaning.


  • Students must be at least 13 and have completed 7th grade.
  • Each student is required to attend his or her chosen ETS each week.
  • Students are expected to wear boots, jeans and their Trainee T-shirt with the Garrod Farms logo to every Equine Training Session (ETS).
  • All students under the age of eighteen must be picked up within fifteen minutes after being dismissed.
  • The Program fee is $35.00 a month.
  • The fee is due and payable the first Friday of each month.
  • Failure to pay the fees on a timely basis will result in dismissal.

Please email if you would like to join the Horse Management Program.

Lesson Policies

  1. Payment must be made before or at beginning of the new series
  2. When you have joined a group lesson, it’s your spot. To keep your spot secure, you must pre-pay for each lesson package.
  3. In a series of 4 lessons, there are no make-ups. The 4 lessons must be taken in 4 consecutive weeks.
  4. In a series of 8 lessons, we allow 1 absence. You have 9 weeks to complete 8 lessons.
  5. Students will be informed when they owe for more lessons. Children don’t always remember to tell their parents, so it is the parent’s responsibility to check-in at the office from time to time.
  1. Pay at time of booking
  2. Cancellation will be accepted with 24 hours notice
  3. Accepted cancellation will be credited to the next booked lesson

If you are here to watch a lesson rather than participate, please be mindful to stay out of the Yard (where mounting and dismounting happens) and keep the path of the horses going to and from the Main Arena clear.

While we love animals here, we prefer dogs be left at home. Not all horses are comfortable with dogs – and as a riding stable, our priority when it comes to animals is our horses! And of course, happy horses lead to happy and safe horseback riders! With this in mind, if you must bring your dog, please note: any dog who visits must be on a leash and must be well behaved: no aggression, no barking (as even happy barking can startle horses), and no visiting horses. Owners of poorly behaved dogs will be asked to take their dogs home. Dog owners are liable for any incident involving their dogs. If you have any concerns over how your dog will behave around horses, people, or other animals, please leave your pup at home. Thank you!

Garrod Farms


Based on 83 reviews


“Awesome trail ride. Dylan was a cool young ride chief. He was very informative. All of the staff there is great and extremely nice. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone interested in getting to know horses.”
Don Nguyen

5 months ago

“Had a great trail ride with the family. Booked online, got there early, instructions were clear, guide was very courteous, and all had a great time.”
Tom Leung

a year ago

“The property here is amazing. Over 150 acres of vineyards and stables. The trail ride is amazing as well. The views over the entire valley and as far as San Francisco. Windy trails and areas where we could gallop with the horse make this one of the best hours you can spend in the region. When finished you can go to the tasting room and enjoy the wine. The staff here is very friendly and let you enjoy your time.”
Todd O.

a year ago

“We had so much fun! Our first time horseback riding ever. We took advantage of the early bird special at 8:30 morning. It included an extra half hour for the price of an hour. Our guide was great, she was knowledgeable of the property and horses.”
Raquel Spriggs

2 years ago

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Family ownership & operation since 1893

Garrod Farms was established in 1893 with the purchase of 65 acres from the Mt. Eden Orchard and Vineyard Company.

Around 129+ years and 5 generations later, it continues to be a family agriculture operation today. Alongside the horse operation, we now have 28 acres of vineyards here on the property. We are also proud to say that we were one of the first wineries in the state of California to become Certified Sustainable in our farming practices.

“My sister and I had a wonderful time trail riding here. Gorgeous views of the valley and well behaved horses. After our ride we had a glass of wine and some cheese/crackers on the patio. Perfect day!”

– Lynn –

“What a beautiful trail. We loved our trail guide and good ole Smokey the horse. I had Cowboy and he was a hoot. Learned new things about the area. We’ll be going again and the wine tasting was awesome too.”

– Juan –

“We had so much fun! Our first time horseback riding ever. We took advantage of the early bird special at 8:30 morning. It included an extra half hour for the price of an hour. Our guide was great, she was knowledgeable of the property and horses.”

– Raquel –

“We have taken family trail rides as well as lesson programs here and found the people very friendly and helpful. The horses are handled much better here than some other places-the owners and employees care about the safety and well being of riders and animals. Garrod Farms is home to a very well respected equestrian team that competes world wide and has won gold medals. Top notch horse facility and check out the winery too.”

– Bjorn –

“Great place for your child to learn horseback riding. Friendly staff and awesome teachers!”

– Jenifer –

“I’ve been horseback riding for over 30 years. I’ve been to many stables. This one definetly stood out from the others. The guides were very friendly. The horses very clean and very well trained. It was my sons first time and he now wants to ride more frequently from having such a great experience and my other son that’s ridden with me for the past 14 years was really happy we went there and pointed out the same things I did. Thanks for making my family’s day a perfect one. Phoenix was the best horse.”

– Roxanne –